Harlan Community Television, Inc.

From left to right: Mark Lawrence, Andy Stewart, Jack Hale, Joy Taylor, Brian Hale,
Ashley Hatfield, Clarence Epperson Deserea Lynch and Chris Hamlin
-- July 31, 2013 --

Front Row from left to right: Joy Taylor, Vivian Dudley and Shirley Clark
Back row from left to right: Charles Hale, Jim Hagy, Joe Hale and Jack Hale

Pictured from left to right: Jim Hagy, Scott Saylor, Charles Hale, Joy Taylor, Joe Hale,
Shirley Clark, Jack Hale and Vivian Dudley

picture taken circa 1995

Fiber Optic Van
picture taken circa 1998

Pearl Fitzgerald and Helen Blanton
picture taken circa 1980

Vivian Dudley
picture taken circa 1980

Ralph Hall
picture taken circa 1970